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Hi, Kayanne here. If you are a babysitter I want you to know that there are some things you can do to increase your value. When you increase your value, more parents will hire you. Parents will call you first when they need help, and they will pay you more because you will be worth more. The skills I want to teach you go beyond babysitting. They can be applied to just about anything you do to make you more successful.

This book is available on Amazon.com

If you are the parent of a babysitter, you will love how this book helps your child build self-confidence, life skills, and develop a greater sense of responsibility.

If you are a parent who hires babysitters, you will love how this book adds to their knowledge of child care and shows how to establish a good relationship with you, their customer.

No Kindle? No Problem

My book is available as an ebook or in paperback. You don’t need a Kindle device to read the ebook version. You can read it on smartphones, Android and Apple devices and any computer. Underneath the picture of the book (on Amazon) there is a link that says, "Read on Any Device". Simply click on that link and follow the instructions to install an app that will let you read my book on any electronic device.

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